Video: College Application Do’s and Dont’s!

The college application process is right around the corner and what better way to get everyone in the “application mindset” than to take a look at a video that outlines a few college application do’s and dont’s?  Making a lasting, positive impression on the college representatives that are reviewing your application is a must!  If you do it wrong, you may be getting yourself denied and you won’t even know it!

In this short video, an Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Admissions is questioned about how to prepare students for the application process and a few college application do’s and dont’s.  We thought it was a pretty good video all around, but pay particular attention to the part where he talks about a parent’s involvement in the process.  You may be surprised at what he has to say regarding being “too intrusive”.  Take a look…

He covered some valid and helpful tips regarding the actual application process for seniors.  Here at CollegePrepU, we’re more focused on getting yourself to the college application process.  Most importantly, getting yourself in the best position possible to get admitted by taking the right courses, getting involved in the right types of clubs/activities and making the most out of your high school experience.

That’s why we feel that our ebook Plan, Prepare, Succeed: Getting Accepted To College! is a must-have resource for anyone who is serious about getting into a top college.  If you’re interested in getting ahead of the college admissions game, you may want to consider picking up a copy.

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We hope you enjoyed the video!  Questions and comments are WELCOMED below…

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