Trade & Technical Colleges

Trade & Technical colleges offer students a more hands on approach to learning that generally translates to a career in the Industrial Technology field.  Careers such as auto mechanics, residential and commercial construction, and some types of engineering are just a few examples of the different types of tech schools. 

Advantages of Trade and Technical Colleges

One of the most attractive features of tech schools is the relatively short amount of time it takes to get your degree or certification.  Most programs can be finished up in 2 years or less, but keep in mind that they are usually year round classes, meaning a 12-24 month program.

When compared to the more traditional colleges and universities, trade and technical schools are somewhat easier to gain admittance to.  They are generally less concerned with high school grades and test scores, but more concerned with the hands-on learning that their program offers.  However, don’t just assume you will be accepted into the program.

Another advantage can be the cost depending on what school you are enrolling in and what area of study you choose.  The cost for these programs can vary, but for the most part they are considerably cheaper than attending a University and earning a 4 year, Bachelor’s Degree.

In today’s world of post-secondary education, it’s getting increasingly more competitive.  Some tech and trade schools are now taking a closer look at ACT scores!…particularly the Work Keys portion of that test.  This is just another example of how you really need to do as well as possible while in high school so that you have many doors open to you when you graduate.

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