Must Have Supplies For The College Bound Student

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Back to school season can be stressful on you and your college student, and more so if your kid is college bound, going to school. Worries like separation anxiety, the stress of being in a new environment and not being close to what is familiar can be a great concern for both the parents and the student who is going away to school, especially if the college they are attending is thousands of miles away.Must Have's For The College Bound Student

Supplies For The College Bound Student…

Back to school supplies can be pricey and more so if your college bound student is entering the first year, but it doesn’t have to put a dent in your bank account. Instead of providing you with a generic list of essentials to bring to college, let’s take a look at some less popular things you may want to get before you head off to campus.  Here are a few suggested items that will make your kid’s first year in college more streamlined and connected.

The Gadgets to Get

Regardless of their major, your child is going to need a laptop to write papers, do research for projects and possibly to run more advanced software or programs for various assignments. This is the perfect time of year to find great deals on laptops, eReaders and tablets. The definite must-have is a smartphone with apps for higher learning, like myHomework (iPhone, Free) a great app used for tracking homework assignments or EZ read (iPhone, Free) an app that brings all of the books featured in to your smartphone. Plus, you can be in touch with your college bound kid by phone, text message, email or Facebook message, anytime, anywhere.

One good idea is to research and sign up for a security service that will monitor your child’s valuable information. Lifelock explains the dangers of identity theft in todays youth; this security protection company understands how important it is to protect the information of your family and loved ones. An identity theft protection company like Lifelock will monitor your child’s credit and personal information, and if any part of their information is tampered with they will be informed immediately. Added security means added peace of mind while your student is away.

Bed, Bath and Bargains

Your student is going to need bedding, towels, dishes, and toilet paper to last all semester. Invest in a college survival kit. These packages often include pots and pans, toiletries, cleaning items, and other housing essentials. You can find some elaborate kits online or go all DIY and make on yourself.

Stay in the know on college bargains with bedding and housing accessories. Most department stores have sales on appliances and bedding items through the fall to make it easier on students in transition. Invest in some soft, but durable bed sheets as well as a toaster. This every day appliance is a lifesaver in anyone’s college dorm life.

Another great place to get bargains for your college bound student is on eBay.  They sell new and used supplies, so don’t overlook them for some of the best deals on the internet when it comes to college dorm stuff.

Stick to the Plan

Now that you have an idea of what some of the essentials will be for your college bound student, make a dorm room list and research online to find out where the best deals are. Purchasing these items can help your student to be more confident and that will lead to the possibility of their success. If your kid has the tools to climb the ladder, then it will make their struggle in the first year easier and that will relieve some of your stress too.

With a fully stocked college dorm and toothpaste to last them all semester, your student is all set for a great experience being away from home. Now it’s up to her if she wants to stock up on Ramen noodles.

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