Stress Management For College Students | Tips To Help You Destress For The Test!

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It’s getting to be exam season for most college students, so today’s post from Sarah will cover some stress management for college students.  Knowing how to de-stress ahead of time, before you enter college, will be a major advantage and will help you score higher on your semester exams!

Tests are the most stressful aspect of a college student’s life. They creep up one after the other each one getting longer and harder as you proceed through the semester.  

By the end of the semester, it’s time for the most dreaded tests, finals! Now is the time of year where students are craving summer, the weathers taking a turn for the best, everything is becoming green and fresh, but we’re stuck inside studying, only smelling the sweet scent of Spring through the open window sill. However, everybody needs some sort of relaxation before a big test. The more you stress the harder it will be. So, as usual, I will share the little wisdom I have on de-stressing before that big test and taking some time for yourself.

Stress Management For College Students – De-stress Before the Test

With the weather getting nicer day by day and week by week, it’s important to spend some time outside. Fresh air will revitalize you after spending hours inside in class or studying. If you can, you may want to spend a couple hours outside reading, that way you’re not only mixing up where you study, but you’re also getting some sun! Which is great for the mind and body.

While it’s great to study inside and/or outside, preparing for whatever tests you may have, it’s also important to do something else, especially physical activity. Stress management for college students is all about mixing things up!  And, one of the best ways to de-stress is to play a contact sport. Releasing aggression feels amazing and will revitalize you much like the fresh air. So, go outside and play soccer, football, basketball, and even playing catch will help throw some of that tension away.

For those of you who do not like contact sports, do some sort of activity at least once a week that will take you out of the normal routine. Go rock climbing, ice-skating, swimming, or even hula hooping. Breaking your routine and trying something physically difficult and different will work a different part of your brain than when studying and will refresh your memory and give you that short break you need and deserve. Don’t spend too much time horse playing, but try to do it at least half an hour each day and, like I said, try something new every once in awhile too.

Feed Your Brain!

If it’s late at night and you really can’t do a physical activity break, do a food break. These are great with friends. Midnight food runs, although bad for metabolism, are great for morale. If I’m really frustrated with my work, I like to go out with a friend and get smoothies, ice cream, frozen yogurt, sometimes burritos or pizza (depending on my mood). This little break allows me to relax with someone maybe talk over my problems or completely forgot about them for a while.

Rather than physically expelling my frustration, eating and talking allows me to emotionally debrief my frustrations. Word of caution: Be careful with how much and how often you do late night food runs, they add up in calories and pounds quickly! Limit these food runs to once a week if possible. As an alternative to junk food, go out for coffee or tea and talk.

The Weekend Getaway Approach

Taking food and sports breaks are good stress management for college students after studying for a couple of hours, but sometimes you need a whole day of relaxation. Weekends, specifically Saturadays, are great for a whole day of nothing. A good way to step away from your work is to leave. If you’re week isn’t too busy and you can spare the time, go home for the weekend or a day.

Seeing old familiar faces will take you away from the stress of school life for a couple of hours. Spend time with your siblings, parents, and pets. They will all be comforting in their own way. If you don’t want to go home, visit a friend from another college. Being in a different environment will be visually stimulating. Seeing the same thing over and over again becomes monotonous and mind-numbing. Getting away from it all will make coming back to school like coming home.

Everything I said comes with a warning. Studying is extremely important if you want to be a successful student, so make sure you can spare the time to do study breaks. This comes with organization and time management. Make sure you know when your tests are and how much time you’ll need to study for them and then plan accordingly. Again, be careful how much you eat and how often (no one wants the freshman 15). When visiting people, make sure you plan that ahead of time and finish any homework you have early. Pushing things to the last minute makes everything so much worse and stressful.

Also, (on an obvious note) when visiting other college students, make sure they’re not too busy either. Otherwise, enjoy your free time wisely. It’s important to study, but it’s also important to relax; getting burnt out with only a few weeks of school to go is easy to do, so study, relax, study some more, and then enjoy a well deserved summer!  There are a number of ways to handle stress management for college students, so I hope these tips have given you some other options you may not have thought of!

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