Religious Scholarships

If you are an active, participating member of your church or religious group you may be eligible for a Religious Scholarship.  Churches across the country often hold dinners, raffles, car washes, festivals etc. to raise money, not only for the church but also to help students realize their dreams of attending college.

Some Religious Scholarships require that you are entering school with the intent of majoring in religious studies as a way to sort of “give back” to the church by making it your profession.  Others are offered to students that have devoted a lot of time to helping the church, or basically volunteering their services.  Participating in, or leading a youth group at your church is a good example of an activity that may get you a religious scholarship.  However, other scholarships are awarded for simply attending church services, being an advocate for your faith or simply being an active member.  Check with your specific church or religious group to see what they offer.

Depending on your denomination, religous groups offer scholarships based on a number of varying criteria.  Below is a list of religious scholarships by denomination:

  • Baptist Scholarships
  • Catholic Scholarships
  • Episcopalian Scholarships
  • Jewish Scholarships
  • Lutheran Scholarships
  • Methodist Scholarships
  • Muslim Scholarships
  • Presbyterian Scholarships

If you fall into one of these categories, inquire within your denomination to see what they offer their potential students.  Also, you can conduct a scholarship search on the internet specific to your respective faith.  FastWeb is a free resource that we recommend using.