Ethnicity Scholarships

Ethnicity scholarships are exactly what the name implies: Scholarships awarded based on that students ethnicity.  Obviously there are many different ethnic backgrounds of students across the country, and these scholarships are designed to help those students achieve academic success by providing money for college.

As with most scholarships, good grades and test scores are preferred however, not required by some.  One requirement that you will have to adhere to is your specified ethnic background.  If you are applying for an African American ethnicity scholarship, one requirement that they will have is that you come form African American origin.

What is your Ethnic Background?

Below is a list of the most popular categories for Ethnicity Scholarships:

  • African American Scholarships – The African American population of students in the United States represent the 2nd largest ethnicity group.  There are a number of African American scholarships available, but there are also many students searching and applying for them.
  • Hispanic Scholarships– If you are of Hispanic origin, you represent a small portion of the largest ethnic group in the U.S.  Much like African American Scholarships, Hispanic Scholarships will be relatively easy to find.  Your challenge will be competing against a large number of other applicants.
  • Native American Scholarships – Native Americans have much more opportunity to attend college than ever before, and the development of Native American Scholarships are an important part of that opportunity.  While the overall number of applicants will be relatively lower than other minority groups, there is still a demand and you will be competing against others so do all you can find multiple scholarships and apply early!
  • Minority Scholarships – The Minority Scholarship category is basically a “catch all”, giving most minority students an opportunity to earn scholarship money.  The demand is large because of the broad spectrum of applicants, but there is money in Minority Scholarships so do some looking around and get your applications out!  Also see Minority Grants for additional opportunities and visit FastWeb for free access to thousands of National Scholarships.