Athletic Scholarships

Athletic Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students who are also gifted in their particular sport.  But did you know that there are certain criteria you need to meet in order to be academically eligible for an athletic scholarship?  The NCAA Clearinghouse has an approval process before any student-athlete can receive a scholarship from a college or university.  The requirements are not difficult by any means, however you do have to have high enough grades, have taken the proper core classes while in high school, and also scored well enough on the ACT test to qualify.

Provided that you’ve qualified through the NCAA, the next step is getting noticed by the colleges.  Most colleges across the nation are allotted a number of scholarships that will pay your tuition IN FULL if you decide to attend their school. Also, many of these “full ride scholarships” include expenses like books, meals, room and board and also money to spend at your leisure.  Other scholarships only pay for some of your college expenses, but some is better than none!

Keep Up With Your Studies

Once you reach the college/university level, you cannot just relax and earn bad grades.  Athletic scholarships are renewable each school year and require that you are in good standing at the college or university.  In addition, you must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA).  Many institutions have advisers that regularly check your grades and alert you and the athletic department if you grade falls below what’s acceptable.  If that happens, you could lose your scholarship!

As you may or may not know, athletic scholarships are somewhat difficult to attain. There are many high school athletes across the country and only a select few are offered a scholarship to play at the collegiate level. When talking in terms of how to get into college for free, athletic scholarships are a viable option if you are an exceptional athlete and also have good enough grades and test scores to be eligible through the NCAA Clearinghouse. Keep that in mind!

How to get an Athletic Scholarship

First off, you need to be exceptional at your sport.  If a college is going to basically pay you to play for them, you need show them that you are worth the money.  Our advice to you would be to put together a “highlight” tape of the specific sport you excel in and send it out to numerous prospective colleges to showcase your talents. Many of these colleges and universities won’t come and see you in person unless they get a “preview” of what you have to offer! It would also be a good idea to include your GPA and test scores with that highlight tape so that they know you will be in good standing.