Paying For College

The good news is that the hard part is over.  All the planning for college has passed, you’ve applied and gotten accepted, and now you are onto the last phase of the college admission process: finding ways to fund your college education.  Paying for college can be overwhelming no matter what your financial situation is.  Listed below are some resources you can use to help you find money for college whether it’s in the form of college savings plans, grants, scholarships or student loans.

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College Grants

College Grants are a great funding option for potential college students that are relatively popular, but are sometimes in short supply.  Often referred to as “gift aid”, college grants are money for education that you do not have to pay back, which is another reason they are so popular.  There are many different ways to receive a college grant.  They are awarded by meeting certain criteria through the FAFSA, from the college you’re applying to, from the government, or through other education channels.  In this section, we’ll discuss the types of Grants available…

College Scholarships

If we could choose just one question that we hear the most out of all of our students and parents (past and present) after they’ve been accepted to their college of choice, it would be “How do I get scholarships”?  And in the vast majority of cases, that isn’t an easy question to answer.  Today’s economy has made if very difficult for students to win scholarship money…even the top tier students! However, there is money out there if you qualify!  And contrary to what most students and parents think, not all scholarships are reserved for the top tier students with the best grades and test scores.  In this section, we’ll talk about the different types of scholarships and how to go about finding and applying for them…

College Student Loans and FAFSA

If you’ve even entertained the thought of attending college or have been accepted already, it’s no doubt that paying for college is an area of concern.  In today’s current economy, it’s getting more and more difficult to get financial aid for college.  Hundreds of thousands of prospective college students are actively searching for scholarships, grants and financial aid making it increasingly difficult to obtain.  In this section, we show you the different options you have in financing your college education.

FAFSA FAQ Articles

Additionally, we’ve posted a number of articles that may help clarify FAFSA and the process of funding your college education.  Here is a list of those popular FAFSA FAQ articles…