Important Things To Bring To College That Get Overlooked!

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Tearing open that college letter of acceptance can be a wonderful time of pride, joy and excitement.  Beginning your college career is the first big step in the journey toward adulthood, and your university years will certainly be some of your most memorable. 

Once the wave of elation has receded, though, you must begin to think about your living arrangements and what personal items to take along.  College dorm life is a wonderful experience, but because space and safety must be carefully managed, there is a well-developed list of things to bring to college.

Things To Bring To College

Below are some essentials for your extended stay on a college campus.  We went ahead and categorized it for you, but we also have a much more comprehensive list here: College Dorm Checklist

It goes without saying that you will need most of your wardrobe with you in college.  Remember, though, that this includes all types of clothing items.  Since you will be at college through all four seasons, you must remember to pack plenty of outerwear and sweatshirts.  Also remember gloves, and thick socks for those cold winter months.  On the flip side, be sure to bring along a bathing suit and flip flops.  Flip flops and sandals are a necessity for dorm-dwellers who share bathrooms. 

In terms of accessories, one of the most valuable things to bring to college is a sturdy pair of waterproof boots or galoshes.  Since you will be walking to class, you want to be prepared for rainy days so that your feet are not soaked. In that same vein, an umbrella is often one of a student’s most prized possessions.

Room Essentials
In terms of your room, there are several things to bring to college which are of utmost importance.  One of the most important things for a student to have is a bedside clock radio with an alarm.  There will be many late nights and early mornings and having an alarm will help you make it to class on time each day.  One lamp should be sufficient, as most dorms have overhead lighting, but you may want something a little softer. 

Other essential items are plenty of clothes hangers, a small to medium-sized trash can, and several storage containers for maximizing space in your room.  In general, hot plates or any other device which creates an open flame or extremely hot surface are not allowed.

Money Saving Tip: By now you are probably pretty aware that money is going to be tight.  If you haven’t gotten your dorm room supplies or still need to pick up a few items for decoration, try searching on eBay!  You can really find some great deals on brand new dorm furniture, futons and other stuff to help your room look awesome!

As far as linens go, you should pack two sets of sheets, including a fitted and flat sheet, as well as an extra pair of pillow cases. This will help limit your trips to the laundry room. Don’t forget a mattress pad, and be sure to check with your school on the exact dimensions of the bed so that you don’t arrive with ill-fitting sheets. Bring several towels and washcloths, as well.

Having plenty of backup linens can make dorm life much simpler. It is also crucial to have a laundry basket, and many students find that a large laundry bag make hauling clothes to the washroom much easier.

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School Supplies
Other important things to bring to college include all of your school supplies: backpack, notebooks, pens, pencils, calculator, and so on. Toiletries are relatively straightforward. Most campuses have small stores where these items along with medicines can be purchased. Do your best to pack only what you absolutely need, and then pack any miscellaneous items as needed or allowed by your school.

The items listed above seem like a “no-brainer”, but you’d be surprised at some of the everyday essentials that students forget to bring with them to school!  For a more comprehensive list of College Dorm stuff, check out our college checklist.

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