How Does High School Prepare You For College?

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You would think there’s an easy answer to this question, and maybe there is.  But, while you go through the journey of Junior High and High School you learn things that will help you in your college life.  It’s not just about the grades and test scores!  Let’s discuss just a few things that you’ll learn along the way and try to better answer the question of “How Does High School Prepare You For College”.

Introduction to Time Management

First, high school is a great time and place to pick up good habits…specifically, time management!  College will be a great test of your time management skills, so learning how to deal with multiple tasks at once before you get there!  In high school, you really don’t have as much going on when you are a freshman as you may when you are a senior.  It’s a gradual progression.  Sure, you may play a sport or join a club as a freshman but it isn’t until a year or two later that you may take on more, such as a job outside of your schoolwork and activities at the High School. 

Taking on mulitple responsibilities during these years will not only help you learn how to balance everything, but it will also show colleges that you can do it and still maintain great grades and test scores…something they’re looking for!

Colleges want to see that WELL ROUNDED student and will generally accept an applicant that can show that he/she is able to take on a heavy workload before an applicant that has JUST good grades.

Challenging Yourself

So how does high school prepare you for college in other ways?  It is always recommended to students that you get yourself ready for college level coursework as much as possible during your time in High School.  So once you are able to, take courses that will give you a base understanding and knowledge of what your chosen major or field of study will be!

For instance, if you are planning on owning your own business and going to college as a Business Major, your focus as an upperclassman in high school should be on Busness classes, provided you have the room in your schedule.  Courses like Business Management, Business Marketing/Advertising and Accounting are all great options. 

Another advantage is that you may find out that you aren’t cut out for a career in business, and change your major before you even arrive on a college campus.  This will save you literally THOUSANDS of dollars in tuition costs, room/board etc.  So, explore your career interest while in high school to make sure that it’s something your interested in!

So when you ask the quesiton, “How Does High School Prepare You For College?” don’t just think of grades and test scores!  There are many other factors in secondary school that  prepare you for your college career!  Plan, Prepare, Succeed!: Getting Accepted To College takes an in-depth look at what colleges are looking for in their prospective students, and removes all the guesswork!

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