What You Don’t Know Will Get You Denied From The College Of Your Choice!  Discover The Truth About What Colleges Are Looking For, Before It’s Too Late!

Are you confident that you’ll get accepted?

It’s no secret that College Admissions is getting more and more competitive every year. Just having good grades isn’t enough anymore!  Plan, Prepare, Succeed: Getting Accepted To College will guide you through the process of preparing yourself for admission to the college of your dreams!

 I never had anything close to this when going through high school or even the application process. Unfortunately I had to find most of this information on my own, and only truly understood it only late in the process. I would recommend reading this guidebook and seriously considering all that it has to say to anyone going through this process. I consider myself to be truly fortunate to have ended up where I am, but feel as if the road could have been a lot easier if I would have prepared as this guidebook suggests.”
John O.
Princeton University


Dear concerned Parent/Student,

If you’ve found your way here, you are in the same situation as literally millions of parents and students across the country.  You are trying to provide a better future for your son/daughter (or for yourself!) and you know that a college degree equals higher earning potential…which then leads to a better life.

But, the roadblock you are running into is HOWto get into a good college in order to achieve that comfortable lifestyle you deserve!  You’ve probably asked…

  • Am I preparing the right way?
  • Am I missing something?
  • Am I taking the right classes in high school?
  • What are other students doing to help themselves STAND OUT?
  • What else can I do to help me BEAT OUT my competition for college admission?

College admissions can be an extremely vague process, and we truly empathize with the families that are going through it without any direction or guidance. It is not a simple, black and white process and it seems everyone has their own opinion on what colleges look for in prospective students.  So, who can you trust to provide you with sound advice on getting accepted to college?

A Real Life Example of what could happen to you…

As an example, let’s use a former student of ours and her unique situation.  She had prepared well in high school, gotten great grades and had a pretty solid ACT score.  In fact, let’s give you her exact numbers…

  • Grade Point Average: 3.601 on a 4.0 scale
  • Class Rank: 157 out of 547…almost top 25%
  • ACT Composite Score: 26

Pretty good, right?  Those scores will get you accepted to roughly 80% of the college and universities in the U.S.  However, this student was DENIED admission to her first choice college.  Without naming the school (to keep their reputation intact), we can assure you that it is one of the top colleges in the Big Ten, but not quite as demanding as an Ivy League school.

The bottom line: This student prepared to the best of her knowledge while in high school, and it simply wasn’t good enough!

The Reason She Was Denied…

Even though she had a high GPA, was almost in the top 25% of her graduating class, and had a 26 ACT score, she made one critical error in preparing for college admission.  She didn’t take enough of the higher level courses such as Honors and Advanced Placement.  In the end, and after an extensive appeal process, it came down to one simple fact:  She did not CHALLENGE herself with the right courses while in high school.

Plan, Prepare, Succeed: Getting Accepted To College will remove all the guesswork and show you exactly what courses are preferred by the top colleges!


I think this guide contains a lot of great information. Some of the most helpful points are in regards to how important freshmen year is in terms of GPA. That is something that I wish was stressed to me more in 8th grade and during freshmen year.  Also, many students in high school are involved in a million different things, but do not have leadership roles in anything they’re involved in. I think colleges look for leaders, or at least students with passion (even if that means less clubs/organizations, but more time with a few). Overall I think this is a great resource for both students and parents, loaded with a lot of great information.”
Susan E.
The University of Notre Dame

This is an awesome guide!  The one thing I wish I would have done more of in high school was take AP courses. Parents and students underestimate the importance of taking AP courses in high school.  I came into UGA with 10 hours of credit (almost an entire semester), but I still could have taken a few more courses in high school. The next thing, would be the importance of realizing that your freshman year can make or break your GPA. If you slack, then you will have a very hard time getting it back to where you want to be by the time you’re ready to apply to schools. Finally, the need to be involved in more than just athletics, or band, the community, etc.”
Alisa G.
The University of Georgia


What Would It Mean To You?if you could be confident that you’ll get accepted to the college of your choice?

Think about that for a moment…

That would be life changing for most high school students!  And for parents, having that peace of mind to know EXACTLYwhat the colleges will be looking for is worth it’s weight in gold.  Having a guide, or a roadmap of what you need to do in high school to put yourself in the best position for college admission is something that thousands of parents and students wish they had.

 Now, Can We Ask You This?…

How much would it be worth to you to have a guide that tells you the SPECIFICS about what colleges want in their applicants?  What price would you put on that information?  Again, think about that for just a moment…keep that number in your head for a minute and take a look at exactly what’s covered in this guide…

Take a Look Inside!…


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 We take a Realistic, No-Nonsense Approach!

There are other College Preparation websites and products out there that claim to have a “SECRET METHOD” or a “BACKDOOR” to admissions. The truth is, these “Secrets Don’t Exist“!  If you are in search of a “loop-hole”, backdoor, or secret method to gaining admission to a college or university…THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR YOU!

 Here’s why….

College Admissions has always been based on a few fundamental factors, one of them being a prospective student’s grades. Plan, Prepare, Succeed: Getting Accepted To College! takes an in depth, REALISTIC view of what colleges will be looking at, in addition to grades and test scores!

This comprehensive guide provides sound advice and will walk you through the process, beginning in 8th grade!

  • Take the “guesswork” out of the College Admission process!
  • Reveal what college’s are REALLY looking for in an applicant!
  • Discover the right courses to take while in High School that colleges are specifically looking for!
  • Learn what things you should be doing OUTSIDE of the classroom to get accepted!
  • Get clarification on which College Entrance Exams REALLY count for admission!
  • Uncover the insider tips that will help you BEAT OUT your competition!
  • Over 70 pages of information to help you get ACCEPTED!




“I had no idea I even wanted to go to college until junior year when I heard it was a must to survive in the real world – plus my parents never mentioned it and my parents are immigrants to the US so it’s not like they’d know what to do!  This manual is straightforward but still has personality. I feel like I’m getting the answers I need from someone who actually cares about my concerns for my future.  I also loved that it addresses middle school students.  I took Spanish 101 in middle school and that helped me advance in high school to 102 as Freshman – further helping me to finish my credits on time or even to reach AP level.  Not a lot of students/parents know that taking these extra courses in middle school REALLY helps in the long run.  Lastly, explaining the different admissions exams (ACT/SAT..etc) and their importance to getting in to college was a great help. The emphasis on the “Big Three” really is straight forward and exactly what people want to know – How do I get in/What do I need?”
Melissa D.  Loyola University – Chicago


“This manual really well embodies the important points necessary to becoming a successful high school student, as well as an important prospective student at any university in the country.  I like the point that, although it is beneficial to take challenging courses, knowing one’s limits is important as well.  It’s the right mix of academics, involvement and course selection that many students don’t have a clear picture on.  That’s where this manual comes in handy!”
Nikki D.
The University of Illinois


Who are we, and why should you listen to us?

The members of CollegePrepU are a committed group of professionals that have multiple years of experience in college advisement and guidance. Everyone that has contributed to this book actively serves as a guidance counselor/college advisor in a large suburban high school of over 2800 students. In addition, all contributors have completed a Master’s degree program in School Guidance and Counseling, and also hold a bachelor’s degree in Education. All of our contributing members have taught and coached at the high school level, and we are very proud to offer such a unique viewpoint on college preparation and admission.

As members of NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) we at CollegePrepU can be trusted to provide you with quality, accurate information. In addition, our individual experiences with past and present students serve as invaluable tools in writing this book.

Put Our Years of Experience with College Admission Counselors to Work for YOU!


Plan, Prepare, Succeed: Getting Accepted To College gives a blueprint on what it takes to get into college. Whether you plan on living at home and attending Junior College or going straight to a 4-year university, this manual will help you map out your goals. It is important to go into college with a plan. Transferring or taking a semester off, while not always avoidable, cost time and money and could set you back. Be sure to take the time to read this before setting out on your collegiate journey. You’ll be glad you did!
Jim F.
The University of Iowa


“This  manual is a very helpful tool to have as a high school student. It clearly outlines what a student should be aiming for at each respective level in high school…I think a lot of the problem sometimes with students and being late in applying to college is because they’re not sure what the next step is, and often times their parent’s aren’t either.  Also, it’s more important for the colleges to see that you were challenging yourself during your time in high school and not skating by easilyin my opinion, that has a lot of weight with schools students are applying to.”
Becca K.
New York University (NYU)

Our Satisfaction Guarantee…

If you get through the ebook and don’t feel like you learned as much as you thought, we will REFUND THE FULL $19.97, no questions asked…that’s how confident we are with the quality of this ebook.


PLUS…we donate 10% of the proceeds from our ebook to local educational and religious charities!

What you will learn inside Plan, Prepare, Succeed: Getting Accepted To College!  
What You Need To Do In Junior High/Middle School!

  • Why 8th Grade is SO Important!

Learn what you can do to get a HEAD START on college preparatory courses you will take in high school…and even get 1 or 2 of them OUT OF THE WAY while in Junior High/Middle School!

  • High School Course Placement Advice

Inside, you’ll find out how high schools place you into classes, and also what level courses look best to colleges!

Understanding The High School System!

  • The “Big Three” College Admission Factors

This book outlines in detail the THREE most important factors that go into college admissions and what YOU need to do to put yourself in the best position possible for admission to your college of choice!

  • Other Important and Overlooked Admission Factors to Consider

The “Big Three” are the most important, but there are other factors to consider that could greatly impact your acceptance, or denial! Plan, Prepare, Succeed: Getting Accepted To College will show you what these factors are and how to go about making sure you don’t miss out!

What Courses Should You Be In?

  • College Preparatory Curriculum

Do you know the difference between Elite/Highly Selective, Selective and Traditional Colleges? This book explains what each level is looking for in a prospective student, provides examples of what colleges fall into these categories, and also suggests courses that you should take in order to put yourself in position to impress when it comes time to submit your application!





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College Preparation Timeline

Have you ever wondered if you are missing out on opportunities to better prepare for college? If you order today, you wil l receive a College Preparation Timeline FREE as part of your purchase!!! This timeline will tell you exactly what you should be doing, and what grade/time of the year to do it!  It begins in 8th grade, and will guide you through each of the 4 years of high school by season! Whether it’s spring of your sophomore year, or fall of your Senior year…your College Preparation Timeline will act as a guide so that you won’t be missing out!  It’s yours FREE with purchase of Plan, Prepare, Succeed: Getting Accepted To College!

FREE Email Consultation

Every student has their own unique situation, and you WILL have questions. At CollegePrepU we understand that you may have questions SPECIFIC to your education and future. As an extra bonus, we are offering FREE email consultation with purchase of Plan, Prepare, Succeed: Getting Accepted To College! Do you have a specific question that you need expert advice on? Get the answer as a FREE bonus from CollegePrepU!


FREE 4 Year Educational Plan Worksheet

Included with your purchase will be a printable, 4 Year Educational Plan Worksheet.  This will give you the blueprint that you need in order to follow the correct High School curriculum and class level that we recommend taking in the ebook.  Being able to see exactly what course sequence is ahead of you, and how many years of a specific subject (such as English, Math and Science) you’ll need for college admission is a HUGE help, and a great confidence builder!
For instance: If you are interested in a specific college, find out what their minimum requirements are for course selection and fill out a 4 Year Educational Plan for each one!  You can print as many as you’d like!



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The key benefits of purchasing Plan, Prepare, Succeed: Getting Accepted To College! 

  • Take the “guesswork” out of the College Admission process!
  • Reveal what college’s are REALLY looking for in an applicant!
  • Discover the right courses to take while in High School that colleges are specifically looking for!
  • Learn what things you should be doing OUTSIDE of the classroom to get accepted!
  • Get clarification on which College Entrance Exams REALLY count for admission!
  • Uncover the insider tips that will help you BEAT OUT your competition!
  • Over 70 pages of information to help you get ACCEPTED!

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