Financial Aid

If you’ve thought about attending college or have been accepted already, it’s no doubt that funding your college education is an area of concern.  In today’s current economy, it’s getting more and more difficult to get financial aid for college.  Hundreds of thousands of prospective college students are actively serching for scholarships, grants and financial aid making it increasingly difficult to obtain.

In this section, we show you the different options you have in financing your college education.

Federal Student Aid

As part of the U.S. Department of Education, Federal Student Aid is designed and implimented to help students and families realize their dream of getting a college education. Currently, the Federal Student Aid program awards over 14 million students and families financial aid for post-secondary education, to the tune of over $100 BILLION each year.

Private Student Loans

Private Student Loans offer a student additional resources in the way of funding their education. In most cases, Federal Student Aid will not cover the entire amount of the cost of education. This is where Private Student Loans come into play...