Bachelor’s Degree – The Basics

The Bachelor’s Degree is the next step up from a 2 Year, Associate Degree.  Earned at the 4 year College or University level, a Bachelor’s Degree is generally considered to be a minimum of 120 credit hours and usually takes anywhere between 4 and 6 years to complete, depending on your chosen area of study, how many credit hours you choose to take in a given semester and/or taking into consideration an credits that may have been lost due to a transfer situation etc…

Most Bachelor’s Degree candidates begin their journey as freshman at the 4 Year College or University that they were accepted to out of high school.  However, just because you didn’t get into a good college/university right out of high school doesn’t mean you can’t get your Bachelor’s Degree.  Many students that did not have good enough grades and test scores in high school to get into a 4 Year College opt for achieving their Associate Degree from a Junior College before continuing their completion of the Bachelor’s Degree.

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree, a student has two options:

1. Join the workforce and search for a career in their respective area of study that the Bachelor’s Degree was earned, or…

2. Continue their education by pursuing a Master’s Degree

According to the US Census Bureau, a person holding a Bachelor’s Degree earns and average of $1 million dollars more than a person with only a high school diploma over the course of a lifetime.  A Bachelor’s Degree equals more earning power!  Take a look at these top paying Bachelor’s Degrees and their starting salaries…  (keep in mind these are avg starting salaries, not average salaries):

  • Chemical Engineering $65,675
  • Computer Science $61,467
  • Computer Engineering $60,844
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering $60,509
  • Mechanical Engineering $59,222
  • Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering $56,335
  • Construction Science/Management $53,573
  • Information Sciences and Systems $52,886
  • Civil Engineering $52,287
  • Economics $49,628
  • Logistics/Materials Management $49,268
  • Finance $49,163
  • Accounting $48,471
  • Human Resources $45,170
  • Business Administration $44,607
  • Marketing $42,260