Associate Degree – The Basics

associate degree hygienistAn Associate Degree can be easily described as a 2 year college degree. Community or Junior Colleges offer an Associate Degree in their respective area’s of study, that can be earned in right around 2 years or 4 to 5 semesters depending on how many courses you take in a given semester.  Usually, the Associate Degree requires a minimum of 60 credit hours to be achieved.  Once a student recieves the degree, they have two options:

1. Use their Associate Degree to start their career in their respective area of study and enter the workforce, or…

2. Continue their education by transfering that Associate degree to a 4 Year College or University in route to earning a 4 year degree, or Bachelor’s Degree.

Many students use their Associate Degree as a stepping stone to a Bachelor’s Degree that can only be earned at a 4 Year College/University.  However, there are many careers that only require an Associate Degree and can also earn you a great salary!  Take a look at these careers that only require a 2 year, Associate Degree…

  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist: Average salary: $66,660
  • Medical Sonographer: Average salary: $61, 980
  • Dental Hygienist: Average salary: $57,148
  • Registered Nurse: Average salary: $55,276
  • Radiologic Technician: Average salary: $52,210
  • Engineering Technician: An Engineering Technician degree in aerospace/aviation pays an average of $55,040. For electrical engineering technicians, it’s $53,240.
  • Paralegal: The median national salary is $50,010.
  • Court Reporter: Average salary: $49,710.
  • Respiratory Therapist: Average salary: $52,200.
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant: Average salary: $48.230.