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Spring is here, and with it comes the annual scramble for many students to get themselves into college.  But wait!  Are there colleges still accepting applications right now, or are you too late?  Before you go and press the “Panic Button”, let’s look over a few tips to help you get accepted late in the game.

Whether you’ve been denied at other schools, waited too long in the application process, or just flat-out changed your mind and want to look at other college options, we’ve decided to provide you with some useful tips on finding colleges still accepting applications for fall 2011.

Are Colleges Still Accepting Applications?

The short answer to that is: well, maybe.  It all depends on the school that you’re applying to.  In college admissions, there are different types of admission options (which are explained in our ebook), but the one you are looking for at this stage in the process is Rolling Admission or Open Admission.  Essentially, they mean the same thing.

Rolling and/or Open admission colleges will accept applications on an on-going basis.  In other words, they have no hard application deadline that you need to adhere to.  Now, this is great news for many students!  Rolling admission colleges cater to those who…

  • Have missed other school’s application deadlines
  • Recently decided that college was a realistic option for them
  • Got denied to other schools they applied to
  • Decided to change their mind about college and their intended major, and are looking for a school that offers that degree

If you are looking for colleges still accepting applications, you probably fall into one of the categories listed above.  Before you read on, you need to know that it’s OK to fall into one of these groups.  Just because you missed the deadline at many colleges doesn’t mean that you have to sit on the sidelines until next year.  You can start attending college this coming fall!  You just need to know where to look!

Where Can I Find Rolling Admission Colleges?

We’re glad you asked!  We at CollegePrepU are big fans of College Board.  Anyone in the college admission business has to be because it is such an invaluable resource and their college search function is second to none.  In your search for Rolling Admission colleges, you will want to start there.

Here’s how you find a list of colleges that are still accepting applications…

  1. Go to College Matchmaker (
  2. Fill out the questionaire as fully and completely as you can (it may take a few minutes to narrow things down to fit your preferences)
  3. Once it narrows down a list of schools that fit your criteria, you can click on each school to find out their admission deadline 

Admission Space Is Limited

If you are just now deciding to get applications out to colleges, make sure you do it quickly.  As you may or may not be aware of, space at most colleges is limited.  In fact, housing is one of the most difficult challenges for colleges since more and more students are opting to attend.  Make sure you get your applications out quickly and also make sure they are complete!  Colleges will not review your application until everything they’ve requested is in your file.

Things such as recommendation letters, high school transcripts, ACT scores and a resume are all supplemental materials that many students are late in sending.  Don’t be that person!  Get things together and send them all off together if possible.

Finding colleges still accepting applications for fall admission isn’t overly difficult if you know what you’re looking for.  Rolling or Open admission colleges offer a great opportunity for students in a bind, but get to work on it now

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