College Scholarships For Juniors in High School

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Beginning your scholarship search early in your high school career has some major advantages.  In fact, many students aren’t aware that there are college scholarships for juniors in high school that are available!  Sure, the vast majority of scholarships are for high school senior applicants only, but in this article we’ll outline some great opportunities for juniors to get a jump-start on their college scholarships search!

If you’ve not been following this article series on Free Scholarships For High School Students, we’ve already outlined some good scholarships for seniors and are now moving on to our next phase: College Scholarships for Juniors in High School.

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Now, the fact that you are here reading this is a good indicator that #1…you are a Junior in high school, and #2…you have already started your scholarship search.  Yep, we’re smart!  Give yourself a pat on the back because you have gotten a head start on MILLIONS of other students.  It’s a fact that the majority of high school students don’t start their scholarship search until well into their senior year.  That’s a mistake, so props to you for avoiding it!

Without taking up any more of your valuable time, let’s get into the good stuff…FREE MONEY!!!

College Scholarships for Juniors in High School 2011

  1.  The Fountainhead Essay
    $10,000 (First Prize), $2000 (5 Second Prize), $1000 (10 Third Prize)
    Must submit an essay online on one of the three given topics
  2. AFA Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness
    $5000 (First Prize), $500 (2nd), $250 (3rd)
    Students are required to submit an autobiography and write a 1,200 to 1,500 word essay that answers 3 questions (See link).
  3. Signet Classics Scholarship
    $1000 (5 total) plus a Signet Classics Library for their school!

    Must complete an essay on one of 5 given topics
  4. Bank of America (Joe Martin Scholarship)
    $1000 to $5000 per year of study
    Must be a dependent of a Bank of America employee of at least 1 year
  5.  American Legion Oratoricle Competition
    Up to $18,000
    Must compete in a public speaking competition.  10 minute speech on aspects regarding the U.S. Constitution is required.
  6. America’s Junior Miss Scholarship
    Must be female and judged on Interview, Talent, Scholastics, Fitness and Self Expression.
  7. Toyota Scholarships 
    4 different scholarships listed here with different criteria
    Siemens Foundation Scholarship
    $6,000 ($1,500 per year)
    Must be a Junior in high school and a dependent of a Siemens employee
  8. AXA Equitable Achievement Scholarship
    $10,000 with potential to win $25,000 and an internship at AXA!
    Applicants considered must show ambition and drive, determination to set and reach goals, show respect for self, family and community, and much have the ability to succeed in college.
  9. ACT High School Poster Concept Contest
    $5000 (1st), $2500 (2nd), $1000 (3rd)
    Must design a poster that encourages students to attend college and take the ACT test.
  10. Courageous Persuaders Scholarship
    $1000 to $2000
    Must create a TV commercial targeted at Middle School students to warn of the dangers of underaged drinking

These are the first 10 college scholarships for juniors in high school.  This will be an ongoing, growing list that we will update every week!

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