Planning and Preparing For College Admission

Getting accepted to a good college is becoming more and more competitive each year.  If you are not properly prepared, you will not be able to compete with the thousands of other applicants who are prepared!  Many students and parents think that if you have a good SAT or ACT score, regardless of what courses you took or what activities you were involved in, you will get accepted to most schools.  That is absolutely FALSE!  The truth is, the college admission process starts at the beginning of your high school years, and even before then!  Having the right information, taking the right courses and making some good decisions prior to your senior year will all come into play when you apply for admission to the college of your dreams.

Below you will find differnt learning sections designed to help in the process of college planning.

College Planning

In this section, you’ll find a “to-do” list of action steps you should take to get prepared for college.  We’ve broken it down by grade/school year so you can see exactly what you should be doing each year…

Different Types of Degree Programs

 Below, we talk about the different degree programs you can pursue as a college student, whether it’s a 2 year Associate’s Degree, or all the way up to a Doctorate level degree.

Different Types Of Colleges and Universities

There are a number of different colleges and universities in the United States, and each has their own unique way of evaluating students for admission.  In this section, we brake down each type of college and talk about some basic requirements you’ll need to meet in order to get accepted to each. 

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