College Acceptance Letter Example – Did You Get One Yet?

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It’s about that time of year when high school seniors are receiving acceptance letters to their colleges and universities.  It’s an exciting time in their lives, that’s for sure.  If you haven’t, you are in panic mode searching for a college acceptance letter example to see if it resembles anything you’ve gotten in the mail over the past month.  Sound like you? 

But wait, what if you’ve been flat-out denied admission to your school?  What, if anything, can you do about it?
First of all….calm down!

What we want to focus on over the next couple articles is that group of students that had applied for admission and are still waiting for their letter, or received a rejection from their college of choice.  If you’ve been denied or waitlisted, you may want to pay special attention.  Just because you didn’t get into your college of choice, doesn’t mean that you cant go there.  We’re going to provide you with a couple things to do to  help you get accepted to college, after being denied in our follow-up article!  But first…

Make sure you’ve done these!… 7 Actions You Can Take TODAY to Get Accepted To College!

What is a College Acceptance Letter?

Let’s start off by explaining what a college acceptance letter is and what it looks like.  Hint: It’s not rocket science! :D  

Basically, the college(s) that you applied to will be sending you a letter of some sort.  You’ll either get an acceptance letter, denial letter, or a letter telling you that you’ve been waitlisted for admission.  An acceptance will tell you that you’ve been accepted to their school then list the next steps you should take to proceed in the process of attending that school.  In addition, if you’ve proven to be an outstanding student and qualify for some financial assistance…or FREE MONEY…at that institution, they will tell what you’ve qualified for and how much it’s worth to you in tuition money.

College Acceptance Letter Example

We’ve decided to actually provide you with a college acceptance letter example, should you want to see what one looks like.  Again, it’s pretty straight forward.  Colleges will make it clear, up front, whether or not you’ve been granted admission.  Take a look at this quick example.  This is taken straight from an actual college acceptance letter that one of our students received:

We are honored to inform you of your admission to __________ College.  On behalf of the faculty and other members of this __________ community, we commend you on your personal and scholastic accomplishments.  Furthermore, we are pleased to notify you of being awarded the $15,000 Dean’s Scholarship, renewable for each of  your four years at ____________ College.

To reserve your place among the graduates in ____________College’s Class of 2015, please send a $350 non-refundable enrollment deposit as soon as possible if you have already determined ____________ College is the best place for you.

Again, congratulations on your accomplishments in high school and your admission to ___________ College.  Best wishes for continued success.  We look forward to seeing you here on campus this time next year.

John Q. Admissions
Director of Admissions and Recruitment

As you can see, it’s a pretty clear cut letter as to avoid any confusion to the prospective student.  Now, this was an exceptional student who had outstanding grades, test scores and class levels.  When we talk about “The Big 3 Admission Factors” in our handbook: Plan, Prepare Succeed: Getting Accepted To College!, this student went above and beyond and it landed her a $15,000 scholarship that is renewable over the course of 4  years.  Not too shabby, huh?

If you got/get denied admission, read this!:  How to Get an Acceptance Letter After Being Denied

We omitted a small portion of that college acceptance letter example that outlines a few aspects of this student’s application that the admissions committee particularly liked and helped this student gain admission.  For us in the college preparation and admission industry, this is valuable information that we can pass along to future applicants to help them get accepted!

There are a few things you can do to force the college to give you a second look.  It may mean the difference between going to your dream school right out of high school, and having to wait a year or two to transfer.

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