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College Scholarships Specifically For Women

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In academia it is true, women have come a long way. In 2013 they earned more bachelor’s and master’s degrees than their male counterparts. But even with these gains, women remain underrepresented in the key STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields and lag behind in terms of overall earnings. Recognizing this fact, many organizations […]

Parenting U: Prepare Your Youngster for College

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File this one under the “Time Flies” category. Whether you’re kid is still learning or filling out applications, there’s never a bad time to start preparing for college. From what you feed your children to how much TV they see, the decisions you make now can mean the difference between Ivy League and air-conditioning school. […]

Making the Grade | 3 Teaching Colleges To Consider

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In today’s job market, it’s important to pursue a career that fits your passions, your personality and your financial expectations. While many are competing for management positions in large corporations, USNews.com says becoming a high school teacher has become a fairly popular career; especially if you relate well with teens and are hoping to enter […]

Why Tuition Guarantees Matter and Can Save You Thousands

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Rising college and university tuition rates are no longer rare, nor is it unusual for them to increase each semester that a student works toward completing his or her degree. This added financial strain puts a great deal of stress on students, ultimately resulting in dropping out of school, or graduating with much more student […]

Career Paths for Students Graduating With a Graphic Design Degree

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Can you create a visually stimulating piece of artwork or some catchy displays for the general public?  Is your dream job to create pieces of work for companies or advertising agents?  Then becoming a graphic designer is the perfect career for you, and luckily these careers are looking up. Graphic designers assemble together images, motion […]

7 Dental School Requirements That You Need To Know!

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Getting accepted to dental school is not like applying to college right out of high school.  The dental school requirements are much different than your ordinary admission process and should be prepared for well in advance of applying. It’s never too early to start thinking about your career, even if you’re still in the process […]

What Can I Do With A Psychology Degree? | Career Options For Psychology Majors

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Recently, I had a student in my office who had asked the question, “what can I do with a psychology degree?”.  She had gotten accepted to a number of good schools already and was considering pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  This is a pretty common question that I’ve heard more than once, so let’s […]

Common Application Essay Options | 6 Things To Avoid!

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If you’ve taken a look at this year’s common application, congratulations because you are ahead of probably 75% of other high school seniors who are looking to apply for college admission this fall.  If you’ve gotten as far as the common application essay portion, you’re probably wondering… Is one option better than the other? How […]

Who Should Write Your College Letter of Recommendation? | 7 Tips To The Perfect Letter!

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With application season quickly approaching, seniors are starting to feel the pressure of college admission process.  And with that, comes the added pressure of figuring out who should write your college letter of recommendation. It’s no secret that recommendation letters can be a “make or break” component of your application and should not be taken […]

Is A College Degree Worth It? Why You Should Think Twice…

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With the sky-rocketing costs of college tuition, and nothing to help slow it down within the foreseeable future, families and students are now wondering: Is A College Degree Worth it?  Studies show that the benefits of having a 4-year college degree versus only a high school diploma can mean earning near or over a million […]

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